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First performance

My first belly dance performance

The perk of perfoming: pretty costumes!

I performed on stage for the first time ever tonight: belly dancing. Talk about stressful experience!

Almost nothing originally planned happened as expected.
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Major Setback :/

FML — I’ve lost my big toe nail!

Dance injury -- detached toenail

Who gets a detached toenail the evening before her first dance performance?! Me. :S

It’s throbbing painfully as I type. A guy I was salsa dancing with kicked up from under it with his heel and almost completely detached it — it’s hanging by the side only. :/

I’ve always known the danger of wearing open toed shoes — Continue reading


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Be a Man

That’s what I get to be for salsa now. 🙂 Today was my first day learning the lead for Salsa Level 1.

It was pretty nerve-wracking at the beginning Continue reading

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Zouk is a dangerous dance for guys — at least when I’m around.

You see, Zouk is a very sensual dance, with bachata-like body contact (i.e. very close and lots of it). I love Zouk because the hips move in figure eights like in belly dancing.

My Zouk instructor, Diego, is always after us students to “attack” our basic steps and stop dancing Zouk like salsa dancers. What he means by this is that, rather than maintaining a regular, safe distance from your partner, you are supposed to “attack” when you go forward (take a really big step and push your hip forward while leaning your body backwards) and your partner is supposed to tilt his/her hips away while taking a big step backward. Both partners are supposed to do this when tackling their forward and backward steps.

Unfortunately, this can spell danger for a man’s family jewels if both partners are not on the same page. Continue reading

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Ladies’ Stylin…

Salsa ladies’ styling in action by my ladies’ styling instructor, Daniella, and her partner Diego.

Ladies’ Styling is the best class for people who want to make their dancing look good. I’ve been taking the class at World Dance Co. for just over a month now, and have noticed major improvements in pretty much every aspect of my movement.

For one, I finally have salsa hips! I was so mad at myself when I first started the course and discovered I’d been doing my hips wrong (the opposite of what I was supposed to do) the whole time. Continue reading

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May 6, 2012 · 8:33 am

The Dance Class Challenge: How to Become a Good Dancer in One Year

Today marks the start of one of the biggest commitments I have ever made in my life.

I almost changed my Facebook relationship status to “in a relationship” — that’s how big a deal this is to me.

In a relationship... it's complicated.

I’d have a pretty hard time explaining this one. 😛

For one full year, I will be “in a relationship” with my dance studio, World Dance Co. in Burnaby, British Columbia. Continue reading

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