Ladies’ Stylin…

Salsa ladies’ styling in action by my ladies’ styling instructor, Daniella, and her partner Diego.

Ladies’ Styling is the best class for people who want to make their dancing look good. I’ve been taking the class at World Dance Co. for just over a month now, and have noticed major improvements in pretty much every aspect of my movement.

For one, I finally have salsa hips! I was so mad at myself when I first started the course and discovered I’d been doing my hips wrong (the opposite of what I was supposed to do) the whole time. Correcting this took weeks of practicing within my regular salsa classes and styling lessons, but now my hips naturally move correctly. The best part about this is that I no longer bounce! 😀

My fingers are no longer awkward and stiff, and have better flow to them. My shoulder rolling still needs a bit more work, but overall, I am happy with my progress in this area.

All this is part of our regular warm-up while doing the basic step.

I wish I could actually remember the routines we learn but I forget them completely as soon as the class ends! Since I have a year, hopefully the moves we learn within the routines will start to stick!


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May 6, 2012 · 8:33 am

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