Major Setback :/

FML — I’ve lost my big toe nail!

Dance injury -- detached toenail

Who gets a detached toenail the evening before her first dance performance?! Me. :S

It’s throbbing painfully as I type. A guy I was salsa dancing with kicked up from under it with his heel and almost completely detached it — it’s hanging by the side only. :/

I’ve always known the danger of wearing open toed shoes — someone partially detached one of my big toe nails way back in 2002 while kicking back during a conga line once, but it was only half as bad as this injury, since it was still half attached. Now my toenail has room to move and wobble since there’s nothing keeping it in place.

It hurt to dance with it (though I did anyway), but it hurt even more to just try to walk in close-toed shoes with it. I hope it heals fast, because I don’t plan to take a single day off dancing. My body will just have to numb itself against the pain.

I just really, really hope it doesn’t affect my balance or my belly dancing performance tomorrow, or I’ll be really mad.

Again, FML. :/



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4 responses to “Major Setback :/

  1. That looks so painful! Are you okay now?

    • Thanks for asking. It was very painful during the first week, but I don’t even notice it anymore. I actually just managed to pull off the old toenail a little while ago. Aside from having a deformed toenail growing in, it’s A-okay, as long as no one steps on my toe. I accidentally kicked it with my own heel on the day that I pulled the nail off completely, and it hurt so much! I posted about pulling off my toenail, but don’t click in if you don’t want to see what the deformed nail looks like — it’s pretty gross. 😛

      • Foot and nail injuries is the mark of a great dancer! 😀 I stepped on my partner’s feet and broke his nail U_U I stepped on my self and made my own toes bleed. I was kind of proud of that one. That was my battle scar. You definitely have a battle scar to brag about in the future! ^^

      • Haha, I’ve always wondered if you could break people’s nails by stepping on their feet, and if you could step on yourself hard enough for an injury, so thank you for confirming! 😛 Sometimes I worry that I will stomp on my own foot during flamenco — that would probably crush some bones!

        I am also oddly proud of my battle scar, although it is pretty ugly. At least it makes for good conversation. 😛 How did you step on yourself?

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