First performance

My first belly dance performance

The perk of perfoming: pretty costumes!

I performed on stage for the first time ever tonight: belly dancing. Talk about stressful experience!

Almost nothing originally planned happened as expected.

I arrived at the Shadbolt Theatre at 1pm, thinking I’d be performing during the 3pm show (re. the “less-good” performance, with some kid and teen student performances interspersed with the professional ones). Instead, I found out I had to perform for the big, professional-only 7pm show — “the one that counted.”

One of the other girls doing the performance forgot her plainer costume for the student performance, so it was decided that my instructor and the other performer would wear their fancy professional belly dance outfits, while I would have to wear my much-less-nice top. Because of the time switch, I had six hours to kill before the evening performance.

I spent the time getting a behind the scenes look at what happens during these kinds of events, and got to know the dancers better. It was nice, and I’m glad I was a part of it.

We didn’t get a real dress rehearsal — just two minutes to mark our places on the stage, with no music.

Twenty minutes before the 7pm show, we found out that our three-person performance was down to two people: the girl who was supposed to perform with us was scheduled to perform right before our dance, which would have made a costume change impossible.

We were down to a duo, which was crazy, considering we were supposed to be dancing in a circle formation.

My costume was upgraded so that I wore the costume originally intended for the other performer.

I really can’t complain about getting the chance to wear a $300 costume. 😛

My belly dancing top

The belly dancing top I was originally going to wear — don’t know when I will ever find a chance to wear it now!

From the start, the dance was different. My instructor went to a spot on the floor different from the one we’d planned out. Then, she broke the circle we were supposed to be moving in and walked back and forth across the stage in front of me instead. That threw me off because I didn’t know what she was doing. I did my best to improvise my directions and movements. The song, which was supposed to cut off at three minutes, played in full, which meant that my instructor free-styled for two+ minutes, while I had to watch her from behind and try to shadow her. It was a total follow-the-leader performance, which was kind of horrible, because it meant I couldn’t make eye contact with the audience.

I also forgot to smile.

So basically, my first performance was a mess. 😛  I had a few people from my other dance classes come and tell me during the intermission that it was good, but in a “nice try kiddo” kind of way.

I don’t think I want to watch a video of the performance, because I can already anticipate a million cringe-worthy moments.

All I can say is, if it didn’t look prepared, it really wasn’t. :/



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