It took me nearly two months (1 month and 3 weeks, actually) to get it, but I finally managed to TRIPLE SPIN MYSELF!

This means that, by myself, with no help from a partner, I can spin myself on the spot, with no “cheating” by pushing off against my other foot to keep the spin going.

A triple spin with a partner — I can do one by myself! πŸ˜€

After I squealed like a lottery winner about my triumph to Diego, my spinning teacher, he told me that I should have a mini-celebration, so I did: I celebrated by triple-spinning myself again, and then one more time — three triple spins in a row!

I tried two more times after that and only managed two 2 and 3/4 spins, but considering that the most I was ever capable of doing before this was 2 1/2, I was still okay with that.

Spinning is a skill that needs to be practiced everywhere if you want to get good at it. Mostly, the only time I ever practiced was while waiting at the bus stop for my ride to and from my dance studio, World Dance Co., so a lot of my practice was done with sneakers on sidewalk.

Until this week, I was doing my spinning classes with my low high heels rather than with proper ballroom dance shoes, so it was also a bit of a challenge adjusting to different surfaces and slipperiness of shoes. Apparently, that is a good way to practice though, to ensure that you never get used to any one particular shoe or surface. Diego said he even used to practice spinning on grass, and he can do triple spins with his eyes closed.

My ultimate goal was actually to learn how to quadruple spin myself (spin myself on the spot four times), but I don’t think that’s going to happen because there is only one class left in the Spinning Fundamentals course before it is replaced by Pachenga. At the beginning of the course, Diego said he would consider keeping the course for three months instead of two if there was enough interest in it, but unfortunately, we are down to eight people — the bare minimum to keep a class running. He won’t offer the class again until January. 😦 In the meantime, I will just have to continue to practice my spinning, and hope I can shake off the fear of the loss-of-control sensation that comes with crazy-powerful spins.


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