Cursed Foot

My left foot is cursed.

How else does it keep on suffering foot-deforming injuries?!

This time, it got a scratch — one that turned out to be a pretty nasty gash.

dance injury

Who the heck gets hurt while social ballroom dancing? ME. :/

One second, I was dancing the jive, and the next, I felt something slice into and up my foot — I’m assuming the high heel of the woman triple-stepping beside me.

It stung enough for me to yelp “Oww!” and stop dancing for a second. When I looked down, it only looked like a scratch, so I decided to just keep dancing.

As soon as the song ended, a friend came over and asked how it was going, and I started to tell her about my scratch when I noticed the jagged, bright red streak of blood slicing down a good quarter of my foot.

This was the same foot that had a toenail partially kicked off it less than two months ago. Seriously.

Luckily, my friend knew first aid and bandaged it up for me at the coat-check counter.

bandaged foot cut

All bandaged up right away, thanks to my friend.

What can I say? My foot is cursed!

I hope it doesn’t scar, or there go my dreams of becoming a foot model. 😛

side view of foot scrape

Scarrage would suck.

front view of foot scrape

Why me?!


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