Permission granted.

Whew — I can breathe again!

coffee smile

I’m back to feelin’ alright. 🙂

Just got the okay from my dance teacher to take Salsa Level 5 concurrently with Level 4. It’s not because I’m amazing or anything, but because Level 5 focuses mainly on harder steps for the leads. If I can find someone willing to take Level 6 with me as my partner, then I can take that too.

So my dilemma is solved! 🙂 This is good, because, today, another girl from last term’s Level 2 class jumped up to Level 4, and my teacher didn’t even notice. It sucks because we are already super-short on leads. More followers = less practice time. :/

Salsa Level 4 is already my favourite salsa level so far, because this is where the ladies finally get to add lots of styling to their basic moves. This whole time, I have only ever been able to add the two styling moves we learned in Level 3 to my social dancing. To be able to learn how to incorporate other kinds of styling into my dance moves is super-cool.

Grupo America Performance

Snazzy styling from the girls of Grupo America (my dance studio’s professional dance group).

Diego says that what separates a good dancer from a great one is the ability to add one’s own style to the dance, and I wholly agree. One of my dance goals is to develop my own dance style. So far, all my dancing consists purely of following my lead. I can barely remember to throw in the two styling moves I do know, so I’ve got a long way to go.

Here’s hoping I get a lot out of Level 4.

I really need to up my game, because apparently, some people think I am part of my dance studio’professional dance group, Grupo America. :O

I had a stranger during an Latin event I attended last week come up to me and say, “You’re one of Diego’s dancers, aren’t you?”

At first I thought he meant “dance student” until he mentioned watching my belly dancing performance — the one that went horribly wrong in so many ways because of so many last minute changes. :/

I straightened out his misconception by explaining how I was just a student.

I hope there aren’t others like him out there, because that can’t be good for the group or me. I don’t need that kind of pressure, and they don’t need people thinking their dance group is full of clunky dancers like me.

Upping game… now!


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