Why I need a boyfriend.

I need a boyfriend. And not just any boyfriend — one who is ridiculously good at dancing and leading.


So I can get someone to partner with me during my dance classes. You see, I can’t take Salsa Level 6 without a partner. 😛

salsa parthers clipart

I need a guy who can make me dance like this.

Now, you are probably thinking one of two things:
1) “That is one stupid reason for wanting a boyfriend!” or
2) “Don’t you mean you need a dance partner?”

Well, 1) I never said I wanted a boyfriend — just that I needed one, because 2) No one wants to partner with a dancer who is not at their level or better, unless they are 1) going out with them or 2) are physically attracted to them. Friendship and pity might also work, but it is mean to play those cards in this case, and probably a lot less effective. 😛

So you see, my reasoning is really quite logical. 😉

I actually prefer rotating from lead to lead, since I like having to adapt to different leading styles, but switching is truly becoming unsustainable for certain classes. This is my third term of taking Salsa Level 2, and I don’t have the patience to not practice my side of the steps correctly when the new leads can’t pick their moves up fast enough. There are also too many girls in my Level 4 class to get sufficient time to practice new moves properly.

I have already talked to some of my guy friends about partnering with me for Level 2 so that I don’t become a back-leading monster, which is what would have happened if I had had to take Salsa Level 1 again as a rotating follow. It’s different when everyone has already taken the class once, because then, no one is holding anyone back.

For Salsa Level 6, I don’t want to be the burden.

And that, my friends, is why I need a boyfriend. I’ve heard worse reasons. 😉

just kidding

What do YOU think? 😉


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One response to “Why I need a boyfriend.

  1. suburbaknght

    Not necessarily true. One of the most common mistakes many followers make is to start thinking, “I dance well, I just need a good leader.” Now it’s certainly true that in any partner dance the dance as a whole will be better if each dancer is of higher caliber than if they were not, but that doesn’t mean that one partner’s dancing is dependent on the other partner. When a woman tells me, “I’m a good dancer, I just need a good leader,” I hear, “I don’t know how to dance and need a partner to cover up the fact.”

    Now let me be clear: this is not what you’re saying and this is not what this post is about. I am aware that I’m putting words in your mouth and suggesting you implied something that you clearly had no intention to say. I bring this up not to falsely dump on you but because you’re in danger of falling into the trap of thinking that you can’t advance without a good partner.

    There’s an old adage in dance: beginner dancers want to take intermediate classes, intermediate dancers want to take advanced classes, and advanced dancers take private lessons to work on the basics. As a professional ballroom teacher my last five private lessons, at $85 for forty-five minutes, have focused on the following:

    1) International samba: basic and whisk.
    2) West coast swing: sugar push, right underarm turn, and left side pass.
    3) American waltz: left-turning box.
    4) American tango: walking and basic.
    5) American rumba: basic box.

    Now these are hardly the only figures I use dancing socially, let alone competing; my American waltz routine begins with a syncopated chasse right in shadow position to a shadow reverse turn with a lady’s fold and develope into a back whisk. But I spent the lesson working on the box because all of the technique for those fancy figures is tied up in the basic.

    Even before I was a teacher I loved dancing with beginners. All we’re going to do is the salsa basic and a simple underarm turn right? Wonderful. I get to practice my Cuban hip action, my ball-flat foot action, my arm styling, my posture, all the things that make salsa SALSA. If you don’t have a partner to practice your advanced work, dance with beginners with advanced technique.

    Now your real problem, as you said, is the class’s requirement to attend with a partner. Don’t expect this person to be a boyfriend. The odds of finding someone whom you connect with personally, romantically, sexually, and through dance is quite high. Instead, look for someone to dance with.already in the dance community and nothing more. Your classes are good but go to dance socials and meet other dancers outside your studio. Tell everyone you’re looking for a dance partner, not just your teachers and other dancers (of course) but friends and family who may know someone who knows someone. Put yourself out there, but in the meanwhile focus on making your dancing the best it can be so when you find that partner you’re ready to start with them right away.

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