Something about Styling


Artistic interpretation of a Finger-Egg 😛

There’s something about salsa styling that is simply satisfying.

Out of the many, many moves taught in my salsa lessons, the ladies styling bits are the ones I most enjoy learning — even when they usually feel the most complex and confusing.

Learning how to style is like unlocking a whole other side to salsa. I believe it has the potential to completely change how I see and understand salsa dancing.

Up until now, my salsa attitude has been largely a case of being the best follower I can be and learning as many new steps as I can so I can recognize signals and execute moves properly. What I strongly dislike about this is that how much fun I am able to have is dictated entirely by my lead. I have gotten to the point where I would rather be doing just about anything other than dancing three straight minutes of the basic step with a lead who does not know anything beyond this.

Styling is a game-changer because you can throw it in whenever you want and make otherwise dreadfully dull dances interesting.

I’m so glad I’m finally in Salsa Level 4 where we finally get to learn a bunch of styling moves. The only styling I have been able to execute outside of class is the one where you shoot your arm up in the air with a finger egg, but I will try to remember to throw more in the next time I go dancing.

I can’t wait to learn some more shines as well. It’s embarrassing to only have one trick up my sleeve that I taught myself how to do from YouTube last year. Hopefully I will be able to keep attending Salsa Level 6 and learning more shines!

I really need to get more comfortable with styling and shining!



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4 responses to “Something about Styling

  1. You are hilarious! I know what you mean about the finger egg thing! I remember thinking the same thing too with the lady styling. I was thinking, “You mean women also have to think about what to do while the men are thinking what to do?” Salsa styling gave me a new liberty in dull dancing. It makes me love how I look in the mirror while dancing.

    • I wish I loved how I look like in the mirror while salsa dancing. Sometimes snippets of my dancing get caught on video at this weekend salsa event I go to, and I always see something that makes me cringe: massive steps, feet raised too high, etc. The finger egg thing is the only move I can do well. 😛 How long have you been salsa dancing for?

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