Fearless Free Spins

There’s nothing like conquering a debilitating fear to make you feel fan-freaking-tastic!

i'm free!

It feels great to have one less fear weighing me down!

I was tell-the-whole-world happy today. I literally told five of my friends at my dance studio how excited I was to have finally done a free spin properly in my Salsa Level 2 class. Basically, I was able to spin on the spot without taking extra steps. This is my third time taking the class (second time re-taking it), so you’d think I’d have had the move down perfectly by now, but I actually only just started doing proper free spins this month in either my Salsa Level 4 or 5 class.

One of my friends was surprised that it had taken me so long to get my free spins right, since I was the only person in my studio who had showed up to and taken every single spinning fundamentals class.

It was only when I got home and sat down to write this post that I realized how significant my new-found ability really is. You see, the reason why I was unable to do free spins properly before this month was because I was afraid to do them. I was so scared of losing my balance and falling over that I could never trust myself enough to keep my feet planted and just let my body spin freely on the spot.

This may not seem like such a big problem to you, but it is actually a huge deal to me. You see, one of my biggest fears in life — one that has kept me from doing and pursuing many, many things — is my fear of doing anything that involves going downhill or falling. As a child, I wouldn’t even go down the spiralling big kids’ slide in my local playground because it scared me to go down something so high. As an adult, I can’t even cross-country ski down a tiny slope without getting down on my bum and crab-walking, because to me, even that is equivalent to downhill skiing, which is something I find altogether too scary to attempt! The one time I decided to let go of my fear and sprint downhill, I actually tripped and split open my chin on the sidewalk. It needed seven stitches, and the scar it left inspired me to write a short story about how depressing it was.

“Letting” myself free spin is like letting go of a part of my fear. And with this letting go, I feel like I can now aim for higher goals with my dancing. Today, I spun myself faster and probably more times than I ever have in my spinning classes, because my fear wasn’t holding me back from doing so. I feel like there is hope for me yet to reach those six to nine spins required for the higher salsa level classes.

I’m still filled with nervous anticipation, but no longer scared stiff. BRING IT ON. 🙂

small steps lead to big changes



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4 responses to “Fearless Free Spins

  1. Congratulations! Free spinning is something I want to get down too! I think it is a big deal.

    • Thank you! I think free spinning is a huge deal as well. It’s so liberating to just let your body go and trust it not to topple over. I’m pretty envious of people who can spin 6-10 times with the help of a lead. I still have a long way to go before I can call myself a good spinner, but my teacher just announced that he’s teaching Spinning Fundamentals again in September, so hopefully I can get better with the practice. Good luck with getting your free spins down! Celebrate by buying a really twirly skirt that really highlights your spins. 😀

      • No way… you just gave me a bomb idea! A twirly skirt… 😮 I have to get one now! (and spandex mini shorts ;))

      • YES! — twirly skirts make salsa look 3x as interesting, especially if the skirt is shimmery, because it catches the light and reflects it in really cool ways. 😀 My best twirly dress is hot pink, shimmery, and has a non-twirly layer underneath, so I don’t need short shorts. 😛 I feel totally overdressed when I wear it, but it is so worth it! 😀

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