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Bizarre “Blind Spot”

spinning with eyes closed

I spin like this — with my eyes closed, that is. 😛

Laziness can be inspiring.

Because I am too lazy to Google whether or not a term already exists for something I want to discuss here, I have instead come up with my own dance term: “blind spotting.” I am using it to refer to spotting with your eyes closed (or, “spotting without spotting,” since spotting entails focusing on a fixed point through a turn).

“Blind spotting” is the best term I can think of to describe what happens when I go into a free spin. I somehow always manage to end up facing my partner after doing free spins — even though my eyes automatically close during the spin and do not open until the spin is just about to end. This happens even though I don’t keep track of how many spins I am doing. (I’ve had a partner tell me I’ve gotten up to triples before. :D)
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Super Performer Secrets

Tips for performers

These sound pretty legit to me. Now to try to incorporate them into my dancing!

I just came across this image on Facebook, and the tips look like good ways to improve my dancing. There’s lots of room for me to improve in all seven areas, really.
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The Secret to Spotting


Too much spinning can lead to this.

The salsa scene is filled with leads who don’t seem to understand the concept of dizziness. A guy I recently danced with gave me so many turns and double spins that I felt like I was on a teacup ride.

This amount of spinning may be fine for ladies who can do six to ten spins with ease, but for the average dancer like me, it’s overkill. Being spun too many times — even during my salsa classes — can leave me off-balance and disoriented for the rest of the day.

Spotting would help prevent me from feeling so dizzy, but the problem is that I can’t make myself spot anything. To be honest, I close my eyes half the time during my spins and turns. Making myself focus on something is too difficult!

Last week, I discovered a trick to force my body to spot naturally. I tried it again this week, and it worked perfectly: I was able to do around eight lines of chaines in a row without getting dizzy.

Don’t know if my trick will work for you, but I’m willing to share it. If you aren’t already a master spotter, try it out and let me know if it works for you.

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Cursed Foot 2

So my partially detached toenail finally came off today. (If you want the full story, read about it — and my ballroom battle scar! — here and here.)

I twisted it off after taking a shower, and it came off painlessly.

Here is what I found underneath:

deformed toenail

How a toenail grows back after it’s been kicked off.

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