Cursed Foot 2

So my partially detached toenail finally came off today. (If you want the full story, read about it — and my ballroom battle scar! — here and here.)

I twisted it off after taking a shower, and it came off painlessly.

Here is what I found underneath:

deformed toenail

How a toenail grows back after it’s been kicked off.

Pretty gross, huh?

And here’s the scar I got from ballroom dancing:

ballroom battlescar

The slice I got was so long that, instead of healing properly, it kept re-opening and turned into a scar. 😦

I was actually relieved to finally ditch the loose toenail. (I’d had to go through boxes of band-aids protecting it from being kicked off prematurely.)

So what happens just five hours after I lose my protective toe armour? My dance teacher decides to teach my Beginner Argentine Tango class a move that comes with a disclaimer:

“If either you or your partner get this move wrong, you WILL step on each other’s toes, and it WILL hurt.”

My foot is cursed, I tell ya!

I put on my grimmest face and warned every guy I practiced with about my new recent prize for the toenail fairy.

detached toenail

The toenail fairy owes me $50. Factoring in the pain and the rarity of actually losing a whole toenail, I’d say it’s a total bargain. 😉

Even after my precautions, a guy still almost stepped on my toe seconds after my warning. Luckily, my instructor stopped him.

The class ended, and I went, “Whew! Made it!”

Then I ended up stubbing my own toe ten minutes later during Intermediate Argentine Tango.

Me: Owwwww #$@%$^@^! (This was all in my head, because I was too embarrassed to actually scream. :P)

We were doing a new move involving a pivot turn (turning on one foot and bringing the other foot beside it), and I accidentally banged the heel of my foot against my toe flesh.

Yes, yet another heel hurt my foot, and this time, I couldn’t even whine about it, because the heel was my own.

Let’s recap: First, my toenail gets kicked off by a man’s heel while salsa dancing, then the front of my foot get sliced by a random lady’s stiletto heel while ballroom dancing. And then my own heel decides to join in and have a go at my foot as well.

At this rate, I’m totally going to develop some kind of heel phobia.

Don’t even get me started about the aches my three-inch ballroom dancing heels bring my feet…

salsa dance shoes

Inanimate yet merciless heels.

Clearly, heels hate my feet!



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2 responses to “Cursed Foot 2

  1. O.o whoa, your poor footsies! Have you thought of getting those black closed dance shoes that you tie and almost look like regular shoes? I want to get one of those for myself cause I pulled a hamstring and was limping the next day dancing. Good thing my partner knew how to massage my sore muscles!

    BTw your dance shoes are so pretty! I love your blog! Its nice to talk about these things with other people! Thanks for checking out my blog.

    • I considered getting those shoes last month, but I don’t like the way it feels to dance in close-toed boots, and my feet are too wide to wear close-toed heels. My higher heels cover my big toe, but I hardly ever wear them anymore, because they hurt my feet too quickly. I like my open-toed heels (regardless of how dangerous they are), so I wear them anyway. 😛 They are getting very close to falling apart, as I’ve owned them for nine years. 😛

      How do you like having a dance partner? I like variety too much to even think of looking for one, especially since I don’t ever plan on competing. Do you still get to dance with a lot of other people when you go out dancing? Have you done any salsa competitions before? They look like a good excuse to wear fancy dresses. 😛

      I’m glad you found my blog, because I love talking about these kinds of things too! We seem to have a lot in common. I majored in Communications, so interesting ads intrigue me, too. 🙂

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