Super Performer Secrets

Tips for performers

These sound pretty legit to me. Now to try to incorporate them into my dancing!

I just came across this image on Facebook, and the tips look like good ways to improve my dancing. There’s lots of room for me to improve in all seven areas, really.

I have to stop seeing social dancing as practice and start involving my partner more in my dancing. I need to try to be more fun, playful, and spontaneous. I need to smile and laugh more, without being fake about it. I need to learn how to deliver my styling gradually and subtly.

I have to act so confident that even I believe it. This will probably be the trickiest for me.

Hopefully, once I have gotten used to all of this, I can really just lose myself in my dancing and be all the things I once had to work at and pretend to be.

Let's see if I can do it!



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3 responses to “Super Performer Secrets

  1. I dream about that day. At least I can imagine.

  2. Yes! I think of dancing as more like a conversation, like chatting to someone. I’m literally taking whatever they give me and using it to come up with my next move. I think really good performances are like really good plays. In a really good actors don’t look like they’re acting on stage, they look like they’re living their regular lives on stage. The play IS their life.

    • I totally agree with your comparison with plays — the best dancers look natural. Your comment just made me realize what a crappy lead I am: I don’t have enough experience to base my moves on what my partners do — I’m too busy trying to remember moves period!

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