Top 5 Reasons Why Salsa is like Sex.

salsa is like sex

Sure, salsa is a sexy dance, but is it like sex?

So I just had this list pop up in my Facebook feed this morning:

Top 5 reasons Salsa is like sex.
5. There’s nothing better than doing it with a pro…
4. You can have multiple partners, as long as your current partner does not know.
3. It’s a real turn-on for the man when the woman takes control.
2. You never forget the first one who taught you.
..And the final reason why salsa is just like sex:
1. Happiness is having lots of space to maneuver.


I have to say — I disagree with pretty much every point.

Here’s why:

5. There’s nothing better than doing it with a pro…

As an amateur dancer who social dances for fun, I prefer not to dance with professional dancers. Not only can it be incredibly intimidating trying to keep up with them, but some professionals can be extremely rude. I have had some professional salsa dancers ignore me for the rest of the dance and talk to their friends over my shoulder (a salsa dance taboo, in my books).

Of course, this does not apply to all professionals, but it has soured my opinion. I also believe that a lot of non-professional dancers who spend a lot of time out social dancing can be just as good, if not better, at leading. Social dancing means working with follows who might not know all the signals and who haven’t already memorized what move is coming next, so social dance leads can become incredibly good at communicating what they want follows to do.

4. You can have multiple partners, as long as your current partner does not know.

If this is referring to social dancing partners, then you should be able to have multiple partners, period. Salsa is a social dance — it doesn’t have to be exclusive. Possessiveness should not be encouraged. Partners for dance competitions are a different ballgame, but even then, I think it’s probably better to be open about having different partners for different dance styles, rather than hiding it.

3. It’s a real turn-on for the man when the woman takes control.

HAHAHAHA — no! Salsa is not West Coast Swing, and, in my experience, it is considered incredibly bizarre for a woman to lead. In fact, it can lead members of both sexes to question your sexuality. Most leads like to be in control, and can’t follow a move even if you tried to lead them (and I have tried!). Following is a skill that involves signals, and needs to be learned and practiced — it’s not that easy! And the other form of a woman leading (backleading) is hated by most guys.

2. You never forget the first one who taught you.

*sheepish grin* Sorry, but I’ve already forgotten who taught my first lesson. It was a freebie before a dance. 😛

1. Happiness is having lots of space to maneuver.

If that space means an almost empty dance floor, then I disagree, because it is kind of awkward to be one of the only couples dancing. Sometimes it is more fun to dance on a crowded floor filled with good vibes and energy. 🙂 Space to maneuver is important, but you don’t need a crazy amount of space to be happy social dancing.

These are, of course, just my opinions.

Is salsa like sex to you? 😉



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5 responses to “Top 5 Reasons Why Salsa is like Sex.

  1. Omigoodness! I agree with you on why you disagree. It is nice to hear that I am not the only one ignored when salsa dancing in that area. I have encountered some snobbish people too. I feel like there is some stratification when I go salsa dancing. In the first dance, people are most watchful off all the girls hotness and ability! People are spread out and there is not pattern. By the next dances, I start noticing that most guys want to dance with the same set of girls and I start getting ignored by the ‘pro’ I guess. Then I start getting asked by the not as good but still great dancers, and eventually start repeating…. when there are sooooo many other guys!!!! Why does this happen? T_T Then there is like a set of guys keeping an eye out on the same girl… then they might do this game where they just switch the girl around (it looks fun I admit ^^::) I wonder if this means I suck WAAAAAAAH! jk!

    • Of course you don’t suck! One reason people don’t ask people to dance is because they stick to people they know: who knows? Maybe they are all from the same studio. I ask guys to dance rather than waiting for them to ask me, so I don’t really care about not being asked. Haha, to be honest, I never get to see situations like the one you mentioned (where guys just keep rotating and dancing with the same girl) because I am too busy dancing to pay attention. I never do the “observe and rate” thing because I start dancing as soon I can — no time to scope out the scene and rate people’s abilities! I think it works out better that way, anyway, because I don’t base who I want to dance with on how leads look dancing with other girls, but rather on how well they are able to lead me. If I can follow the moves they lead well, and don’t do blacklist-related things, then I consider them a good lead. 🙂

      • That’s a great way of looking at it. I love observing because I learn from other people, but for me, it can be a double edge sword. I learn from other women’s styling, but after a while, I start getting intimidated. I don’t intentionally scan the place and start rating people, but it is really easy to notice people whose skills stand out.

      • Dance Class Challenge

        One crummy thing about me is that I can’t learn just by watching. I HAVE to watch AND do, or I can’t pick anything up, no matter how many times I watch it. So I really don’t get anything by watching other people, other than entertainment. That’s part of the reason why I never bother to stop and take a break — I get so much more out of spending the time dancing.

  2. Great post! I agree with all your disagreements. I opened the page because I found the title amusing. Pretty much any time anybody compares sex to anything, it’s amusing. But after I read the 5 points I was about to close the tab in disgust when I just noticed your next line that you disagree with all of them. So…I read through it. And liked it!

    Thank you for picking this up and tearing it to pieces. What a bunch of hooey. Salsa is like sex but not in that way. Maybe someday I will do my own 5 rules of why Salsa is like sex and they would mean something. These sound like they are written by an outsider not a Salsero. But I need to learn to be better first. As you know it’s a little harder for leads to build up that confidence and I am just about making my way out of Beginner’s Hell. Did my first Salsa post just yesterday after gathering up my courage.

    I am liking your blog from what I have read so far. I am going to link it up on my blog as well.

    Keep up the good work.
    Kind regards,

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