danger sign oops

Sometimes, an “oops” won’t cut it.

Fair warning to all male salsa leads: We ladies just learned a move today in my Salsa Level 6 class that will kick your ass if you’re lucky, and kick you somewhere much worse if you’re not. 😛

I caught it on video from two angles. (The quality’s pretty terrible — sorry!). Both start at around 0:30.

I hope that failed attempts at this move and others like it are not something I will need to add to my salsa dance don’t for follows article.

For another (important!) warning, see Beware of Zouk. 😛

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😛

(Incidentally, Zouk classes have started up at the dance studio I go to. If learning how to dance Zouk Love interests you, please try a class! More guys need to learn Zouk, so I can have more people to dance it with! :P)


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One response to “WATCH OUT, (MALE) SALSA LEADS!

  1. Nice move! I love that girl’s high kicks and form.

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