What’s the point?

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Gah — wanted to cry tonight!

Went to my dance studio’s Halloween party, knowing they would be playing songs from all the dances I have been learning. I was raring to practice them.

It didn’t happen. First, there were too few men (which was one of the main reasons why I wanted to learn how to lead dances in the first place). Second, it seemed like every time they played a song I really wanted to practice (cumbia, mambo, etc.), all the leads who knew how to dance the dances were already taken.

I finally managed to snag a lead who knew how to mambo for a mambo song, and that was when the couple beside us decided to do a cuban casino rueda salsa circle with just them and me and my partner. To a mambo song. When pretty much every other song was a salsa song. :/

I begged that they wait until after the mambo for an actual salsa song (they knew how to mambo too!), but they were adament about starting then, and everyone peer pressured me into joining.

“We should follow them. We don’t want them to get mad at us,” my partner said. “You can mambo any time, not do rueda.”

We did a two-couple salsa “circle” to a song that wasn’t even salsa! And I was foiled in finding a mambo dancer free during a mambo song. The worst part was that there was another lead from my mambo class who was actually sitting down and free to dance at that very moment.

We danced two more rueda circles after that, with more people, and then no more for the rest of the time I was there, when we could have easily started them up at any other point during the night.

All this missing out on dances made me sad. Until I am able to dance these dances on the dance floor, I feel like all I have is hypothetical knowledge.

What’s the point in learning all these different dances when I can’t ever find a lead who knows how to lead them whenever a song comes on?

Sad and disappointed.




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2 responses to “What’s the point?

  1. That was not a good ending to your anticipated night! XD

  2. suburbaknght

    Why? Because:
    – You love learning.
    – The classes are fun.
    – It makes you a more well-rounded dancer.
    – It is more effective developing technique in multiple dances than to drill endlessly in one dance.
    – This was not your best night; others are much better.
    – Even if you can’t dance EVERYthing you have the ability to dance ANYthing.

    Most of all, though, because it keeps you ready for when you do meet the partner to dance [whichever one is your favorite]. Right now I’m in the middle of auditioning partners and I’ve turned down several women who had great potential but stopped working on their dancing because they didn’t have a partner. If they’d kept at it in the interim they would have been much better and I’d have happily partnered with any of them. We practice and learn so that when the opportunity comes, we’re ready, not trying to make up for lost time.

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