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Why I Dance

Robson Square Sunday Afternoon Salsa

My first happy memory of dancing: Look — I’m even smiling!

Why am I still dancing now that my dance class challenge is over?

What started off as a challenge to not completely suck at dancing has transformed into something much bigger and more important.

After a year of dance classes and social dancing, dancing has become a lifestyle.

I feel like something is missing when I go a single day/night without dancing. I would consider travelling for dancing, just to get a taste of how other cities and communities interpret a dance. I want to get better at different dances to better appreciate the intricacies and special characteristics that you just can’t understand until you really “get” a dance.

I “hear” music for the first time, and all its various components, and am finally starting to be able to interpret it on my own and dance with myself.

Many people start dancing because they want to meet someone. While that is perfectly valid, I started dancing for myself, and still do.

Here are the factors that do (and don’t) keep me dancing:

I DON’T dance
-to look cool
-to show off
-to meet guys
-to find a boyfriend
-to be “better” than others
-to perform
-to enter competitions

I DO dance 
-to have fun
-to make new friends
-to meet people from all walks of life, of different ages and backgrounds, sharing a common passion
-to gain new skills, constantly learn new things, and open up new worlds my mind was previously closed to
-to constantly improve — my dancing, self-esteem, confidence, social skills, coordination, bodily awareness… and the list goes on
-to explore different cultures
-to discover new ways to move my body
-to discover new ways to appreciate music
-to keep my brain stimulated and body active
-to expand my creativity in new ways
-to expand my mind
-to be able to lose myself in music
-to forget stress
-to discover insanely good connections with other dancers
-to discover how to connect with myself and the music and the floor, without the help of other dancers
-to learn how to really listen and communicate, and add my own input in a way that flows and jives, and does not interfere
-to try things I always believed I couldn’t do, and find out that I CAN
-because it makes me happy

So I’ve told you why I dance — Why do you dance?

why dance?

Why do YOU dance?



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