dancing my truth

dancing from the heart: a whole new layer to dancing

me discussing a whole new layer to my dancing I unlocked, in my new blog on the truth


Dancing from the heart: I finally get it. Dancing from the heart — I finally get it.

I write this after watching the above video a second time, and again, my eyes welled up upon watching the video, and again, my fresh second wind of tears have yet to dry.

This character’s dance, this scene, hits me on so many levels now, probably because of the fact that it used to do nothing for me at all.

Yesterday, I danced modern like it was meant to be danced — not from the brain, but from somewhere deeper within, where I let my body talk, express, and connect on its own — where thinking, interpreting, letting the external world influence me ceased to matter — and I let my body speak without inhibition.


It started when we were doing a hand dance, and we each had a turn to take the hand dance…

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