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Sucky Slow Dancing

There’s something about slow dances that doesn’t work well with my body. Put a slow song on, and I have two left feet.

I hate dancing salsa to cha cha music, but I also hate dancing cha cha to slow cha cha songs. I feel like I will never get the steps in my cha cha class when we are getting them broken down slowly, count by count. But, as soon as the fast music comes on, the moves comes almost automatically to me, without my having to think about them at all.

You Dance Too Slow t-shirt

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I have been social dancing the cha cha for almost a year now, knowing only the basic step. My feet are pretty much programmed to throw the cha-cha-cha in, as long as it’s to the music. Having to actually break the cha-cha-cha part down so that it fits the steps just complicates things for me.

I think slow music makes me think too much about my step, whereas fast music lets my muscle memory take over, so that the cha-cha-cha part just gets thrown in naturally. Speed somehow makes the dance a whole lot easier to “get.”

It’s funny, because at my dance studio (and probably everywhere else) we are taught both salsa and cha cha using the slowest of cha cha and salsa music. The fast music only gets put on at the end as a “challenge.”

I actually find it more challenging to dance to slower music. For me, the fast music connects the dots and makes dances start to make sense. If it were not for the fast music, I don’t think I would even be able to keep up with the cha cha class.

For me, fast songs are the best.

The whirlwind dance known as the Viennese Waltz moves so fast that there is no time to think — only to go go go with the flow!

My favourite ballroom dances are the Viennese Waltz and the Quick Step (even though I have never had a lesson in them and only ever got a single taste of what they feel like when danced properly, thanks to a wicked lead). The dances move so fast that your feet either get them or don’t. The momentum seems to just whisk you along for the ride!

My favourite salsa songs are the ones where my partners always comment or complain, “This is really fast!” and sometimes end up sitting out the songs or trying to dance them at half-speed. :/ Lame, I say!

I hate doing single-step jives and lindy hops, even to crazy-fast music. “Just move your feet faster” is my solution.

I like dances that are alive and always moving: where one move flows into another and another and another and leaves you dizzy and laughing and breathless — high on exhilaration and endorphins.

Is there anyone else out there like me?

Let me know where you fit in by voting in the poll below:

In general, do you prefer dancing to fast songs or slow songs?


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